Case Studies

AthenaDMG Doubles A Medtech Company’s Leads Using Facebook Ads

Facebook is arguably the most effective outreach and marketing platform ever created.

That’s why ADMG uses it.

The client, a medical equipment supplier, was facing troubles reaching its end consumers.

Their revenue had plateaued. New leads weren’t coming to their door. The expensive, traditional advertising methods weren’t converting new customers.  It was time for something new.

That’s when they contacted Athena Digital Media Group.


The client hired Athena DMG marketing agency to reach those who have recently been hospitalized or given a severe medical diagnosis for specific conditions with timely, valuable sponsored content to generate recurring monthly sales.

ADMG’s client, a Medtech company, simply didn’t get the results they needed with the traditional advertising methods and were getting limited results from their Google Ads and SEO efforts.

ADMG helped to expand their customer base by displaying timely, non-disruptive, highly targeted Facebook Ads to medical professionals, hospitals, and patients.

But there was a challenge, as there is with all medical-related advertising online:

Facebook’s ad platform severely restricts ads in the medical industry.

Should we also have another challenge like “the client was unsure that Facebook was a place would be effective for their business and felt that their audience was not on the platform” — or maybe that’s too many challenges…

Most ads get taken offline before they’re even launched because the platform restricts content that can be perceived as negative or targets a disability or medical condition, which hinders the reach of medical advertising on Facebook.

Thus, the client needed a unique campaign strategy that complied with the platform’s policies. In addition, the audience was very specific and needed to be carefully targeted to reach a relevant public.


ADMG created highly targeted, compliant Facebook ads and ran a 60-day conversion campaign.

Highly relevant ads and content formed the core of the client’s Facebook ads campaigns. The ads were designed to both capture the audience’s attention and offer a solution to their problems.

ADMG ran A/B tests throughout the campaign and pinpointed the best ads and acted on these insights.

Despite the platform’s restrictions, the campaign strategically highlighted the client’s products and services, delivering highly visible messages across mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.

As a result of a Facebook Ads campaign, the client increased their MRR by 100% in 60 days.


Thanks to ADMG’s Facebook Ads campaign, the client:

  • Expanded their reach among the most relevant audiences for their products
  • Generated leads and captured fresh contact information
  • Promoted their products in the right context
  • Gained visibility over their target audiences


Upon implementing AthenaDMG’s conversion campaign, qualified leads started coming in the first-day ADMG launched the campaign.

In 60 days, the ads generated over 100 leads for a product that’s fulfilled on a monthly basis, doubling the client’s projected MRR.

With this recurring revenue, the ROI on the campaign was made up within 30 days after AthenaDMG launched the campaign.

This meant:

  • 200% quicker ROI on campaign spending
  • 100% MRR increase

If you want to double your MRR as well, then book a Facebook Strategy Call. It’s the best way to get started.  Book a call and see how ADMG can drive results for your business.