Are you sure that work created for your business is actually yours?
You're working with contractors and you assume what they create for you is... well yours, right?

Very likely, it's not.

This includes everything from your website, logo, financial projections, video, sales funnel, copy, marketing plan to even your Facebook™ ads 

Say what?? How's that possible?? 

Most companies (even large ones!) don’t know that, unless you have the correct language in your agreement with a contractor, EVEN IF you pay for an item to be created, you don’t own the material. Pretty scary, huh? Be sure you have the "magic" language in your agreements so you can ensure that you've protected your Intellectual Property (IP). 

I'm giving it to you for FREE. Yes, FREE. Why? Because at the heart of every business is your IP and I want to see your dreams protected! I've heard too many sad stories of people finding out the hard way that their business was not protected - don't be one of them.

and what if YOU'RE the contractor? Because so often we are owners and contractors in our business... we've got language for this situation too!
Hi There!
I'm Aurelia Flores and I practiced law – intellectual property and corporate business law – for 20 years after graduating from Stanford Law School.
As a business and IP attorney, I've helped structure deals for Angel and VC investments, assisted businesses in formation, launching and getting to profitability.
I've also worked in mergers & acquisitions for a large law firm, as well as a Fortune 500 company and been featured in many news outlets. I'm now taking this knowledge into her own angel investing and helping startup businesses to create, build & protect their business.
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