In a world full of competition knowing your unique value proposition is beyond crucial. This is truly what separates you from the pack.

Instead of attempting to be known for everything, businesses with a unique selling proposition stand for something specific, and it becomes what you’re known for.

Why is this so important?

Very likely many of your prospective customers have difficulty deciding what business deserves their time, money and trust.

Because until you know what your USP is, and how to capitalize on it, your business will be just another voice clamoring to be heard.

So it’s your job to assist them by making your unique selling proposition obvious, different and memorable enough that they can see exactly what your business has to offer.

We can help! We’ve put together a quick, free guide on putting together your USP to make your business poised for growth: Athena’s USP Guide.

After you walk through this exercise you’ll have a better idea what you have the cornerstone of a strong marketing program in place so you can actively focus your energy on creating things that cater to your ideal group of customers.

What unique value do you bring to your customers? Can you explain it in 2 sentences?